No Cash Card Problem

RaiPay allows you to pay quickly and securely using your phone. Just pay for a new t-shirt or a hot dog without cash or a card.

RaiPay is available for Raiffeisen customers in these countries

3 simple steps to a quick and secure payment

Download RaiPay

Get RaiPay free from Google Play. If you’re not a Raiffeisen customer, go ahead and open an account in any country where RaiPay is available.

Setup Your Cards

Register all your favorite Raiffeisen cards. It’s simple, just place your card in front of the camera or tap it against the back of your phone.


Pay at your favourite shop by tapping your phone instead of your card. It’s faster and more secure.


RaiPay is the easiest way to pay in shops. It’s even simpler than using a physical card. Just tap your phone where you would tap your card. And the RaiPay setup only takes a minute.

Fast & Convenient

No need to dig for your wallet. Your phone is always on hand, so you can pay faster, without hassle and see all your transactions straight away. Set a secure passcode and choose between light and dark theme.

Accepted everywhere

With RaiPay you can pay where you want. It’s accepted in millions of spots around the world.

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